Magic download (video) by Chris Ramsay
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Magic download (video) by Chris Ramsay ($8.95)

Chris Ramsay has compiled a great collection of sleights. From visual miracles to undetectable and invisible moves, learning the mechanics involved in Synchronicity will allow you control, steal and visually change a selected card in a way that will make move monkeys drool and lay people swoon.

Aeon Control: A visual and remarkably fooling way of controlling a selection. Visual retention at it's finest, Chris teaches the inner workings of his most elegant card control.

Klepto: Silent, Invisible, undetectable and absolutely beautiful. Stealing cards has never been so deceptive.

The Marvel change: a selection visually and instantly changes to another, show your hand empty and change it back in the blink of an eye!


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Customer reviews for Synchronicity

Aaron Motley

Love the color change on this be ready for some sore knuckles though the key move in this is very knacky.


Ryan O'Callaghan

I bought this as an impulse purchase, absolutely no regrets. It's outstanding.