The Vault - LVL$

Magic download (video) by Paul Harris ($9.95)

LVL$ will have your spectators questioning the visible and invisible, and the possible vs. the impossible.

This is a startling upgrade to the Paul Harris LVL (Las Vegas Leaper) routine, but that upgrade adds a kicker to the end they won't believe!

You openly count ten cards for the spectator, who places them in their back pocket. You then count ten cards for yourself. Then you send one of your cards invisibly to the spectator. You count your cards and show nine remaining. Another invisible pass and you have eight cards. Once again and you have seven. So where did the three cards go? The spectator pulls cards out of their back pocket, arriving at a count of 13!

You then assert that this will work for anything, so you pull five bills from your pocket and again throw one invisibly. Now you have four remaining. The missing one? It's in the spectator's back pocket!

You won't believe the reactions this gets. Download today or you, and your spectators, will be missing out!


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