Neither Blind Nor Stupid

Magic download (video) by Juan Tamariz
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Neither Blind Nor Stupid

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Magic download (video) by Juan Tamariz ($5.95)

Neither Blind Nor Stupid is easy to do and a real fooler for magicians and laypeople alike! From an almost lost mentalism principle in Anneman, this routine is a masterful and thoughtful lesson in magical structure that takes a self-working effect and turns it into a masterpiece of showmanship!

Juan Tamariz has put together a marvelous way to find two spectators' cards, and draws it out in many steps that is both mystifying and entertaining. The cards are continually mixed by the spectators, yet the magician is able to identify both selected cards.

You will enjoy performing this!


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Malcolm Pizzey

Juan Tamariz shows us here how a effect with a simple method can be made into a masterpiece.
Some magicians may think the method to obvious, but if done well for the laymen this is will be a magical moment.