Triumph Collector

Magic download (video) by Creative Artists

Triumph Collector

4.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Creative Artists ($4.95)

Triumph Collector is a wonderful combination of two classic card plots: triumph and collectors.

From a shuffled deck, three selections are chosen in different ways. The selections are lost in the deck and the cards are then mixed. The deck is cut in half and one half turned face up. The two halves are riffled together, mixing face up and face down cards. A click of the fingers and the cards are spread, revealing all of the cards are now face down with the exception of the four kings, which are face up. The four kings are shown to be sandwiching three cards, which once turned over are shown to be the original three selections.

Triumph Collector is ideally suited to card magicians who have a good technical ability with cards as there are a number of sleights required to perform this routine.

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