Magic download (video) by Steven Himmel
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Magic download (video) by Steven Himmel ($10.00)

Steven Himmel is one of our favorite new creators on the scene, and he recently worked with creative director Kyle Marlett on a pretty set of routines in which a card changes...isolated behind plastic. This is cool stuff, particularly if you're in search of fast, visual moments. It's intriguing to isolate a card in a plastic bag, and then STILL cause it to change. A variety of handlings and variations are taught, and it's easy to construct the gimmick once, and then you're always ready to perform "Zipped."

The Zipped download teaches you everything you need to know to perform and construct your Zipped gimmick!

Running time: 27 minutes, 20 seconds


Customer reviews for Zipped

Benjamin Tran

I like this effect other than having to get my hands on a monte card for the best effect; now that kinda sucks.... But there are great perks this idea can give you if performed right and helps form a closure for an on-stage act.


Danny Hale

I loved this trick and it have learned so much from it.