Magic download (video) by Raphael Macho
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Magic download (video) by Raphael Macho ($9.95)

Apate is something Raphael has used in front of real audiences for years. He initially started on it way back in 2014. We're delighted he's finally happy to release this routine to the world. Here's the effect: a coin and a pen continually switch places, disappear and reappear in crazy locations.

Visual, close up magic at its finest. The only things you need are one pen, one coin and one jacket. No gimmicks are used in the routine. 

The instructional video is over twenty five minutes long and even includes some variations as a bonus. 

If you like coin magic sleight of hand, you're going to love Apate. This is real world, audience tested eye candy at its best. 

When you buy, you'll get instant access to the tutorial video - you can start learning Apate right now. 


Customer reviews for Apate

Ágoston Péter

Great little routine, well constructed. The teaching is clear. Most of the moves can be learned by a beginner too I think. (I consider myself a beginner and with some practise I'll be able to learn most of the routine.)