Magic download (video) by Will Houstoun
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Magic download (video) by Will Houstoun ($14.95)

Believe it or not, Will Houstoun's FREAK is only an illusion, which anyone can learn. It's completely impromptu and can be performed surrounded. On this video, Will goes into intricate detail revealing the secret to all four phases of the routine - providing you with 20 minutes of expert instruction, tips, finesse points and performance subtleties. This is one freakish effect that you and your audience will never forget!

This effect is similar to Van Helden pinky break from Labyrinth magazine.

Running time: 20 minutes


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Mark Aspiazu

This is just too good. It's so easy and you'll be performing it in seconds. I laughed through the whole video because of how good it looks and how easy it is. Everyone will be doing this soon.