Haunted TicTac

Magic download (video) by Arnel Renegado ($6.95)

Haunted TicTac is an amazingly visual way to produce, vanish or morph a Tic Tac. Perfect for the new style 'street' magician, although suitable for any magician wanting to add a piece of highly visual magic to their repertoire.

The video download describes the three basic effects, including:

Effect 1 - You vanish a Tic Tac at your finger tips and find it in any location you want.

Effect 2 - With a wave of the hand you cause a Tic Tac to appear at your finger tips and then vanishes.

Effect 3 - You show a Tic Tac and you visually penetrate it inside a Tic Tac box.

  • Easy To Do
  • Ordinary Tic Tac & Tic Tac Box
  • Extremely Visual
  • Fully Examinable

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