MYC - Mark Young Change

Magic download (video) by Mark K. Young
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MYC - Mark Young Change

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Magic download (video) by Mark K. Young ($10.00)

Joshua Jay here...At Vanishing Inc. this is what we live for. I received a call from a friend who said, simply, “You HAVE to see this guy’s bill change.” I was skeptical.

“Does it use a thumbtip?” I asked him.


“Does it look bad from every angle except head on?” I asked, because, you know, nearly all of these changes have terrible angles.

“Looks perfect from all angles except behind,” he replied.

“So, is it super hard to do?”

“I mastered it in thirty minutes.”

He had my attention. “So, it only works with American currency?”

“Works with all bills, even different sizes.”

And it turns out, my friend was right. Folks, we are so, so proud to present what we believe is the ideal bill change. It ticks all the boxes for practicality, versatility, and handling. Best of all, the bills just melt into each other. It looks absolutely fabulous.

The best part of this discovery is the creator, Mark Young. Mark is a fantastic guy—unknown to the magic community—but he has quietly honed and perfected his change, “MYC,” over a lifetime of careful study. He has borrowed pieces from all the great bill changes, and woven them into THE BEST BILL CHANGE WE HAVE EVER SEEN.

There’s a term in the publishing world called “genre killer.” The idea, is that publishers aspire to publish a book so definitive in its genre that it dominates the market entirely. Our goal with “MYC” is to share what we believe to be the very best way to change a one into a twenty, or an IOU into real currency. You’ll master it within minutes, and it will serve you for a lifetime.


Customer reviews for MYC - Mark Young Change

Larry Colombo

This is an excellent effect well within the reach of the new student of magic, and looks good enough for the professional as well.
Extremely well put together with instructions for both right and left handed users. Also gives the performers view as well as the audience view which I really appreciate because quite a few folks try to teach something from the audience view only.
You have done it again Mark with yet another great product.


Great quick bill change. The ad copy is accurate. No Thumb tips, great angles, and no rubber cement and the bills can be used after words. Slow motion and performer's view shots to add to the teaching makes this download worth it if looking for an "impromptu" cheap way to change a bill or a bill sized object in front of a person's eyes.


Brian M

Highly recommended. Buy it, learn it, master it and then perform it forever.


Wayne Hunstad

Very impressed with this method. I love that it's so visual and so versatile as well. This will be going into my repertoire and will be replacing most of the methods I use.
It's rare to find such a gem amidst all the rubbish these days, but this is a gem. No hype or fancy edited trailers needed for this... It speaks for itself as a solid real world worker. Do yourself a favor and get this.


The trick is excellent. The video could be better.
Learning it isn't as easy as it could be, if the tutorial provided more details.
From my perspective, the tutorial doesn't provide enough detail to pick up the nuances of the effect. Mark uses two pieces of different colored paper, and not actual bills. Using the colored paper doesn't provide important details such as which side you are starting with; the front or the back of the bills; or which end folds over which end. I, personally, need these reference points to help me learn the effect.
Maybe I'm just not advanced enough to use this effect.


Brandon Lopez

I will use this. It won't replace the thumbtip method I use most often in the real world. But it's probably the best single bill change I've seen to perform for an audience at 180 degrees. If you're looking for a visual method that isn't the Juan Hundred Dollar Bill Switch, this is probably the one.


Barrett Sweet

This is once fantastic effect. Highly recommended.


Alan Koslow

While the trick itself is good, I find the video confusing. An over the shoulder demo of the folding with real bills would make this video a whole lot better. I cannot understand why one would not demo the instructional part of a bill switch with real bills. Blank paper removes the perspective. You have to do a mirror image of the folds, making assumptions about whether the bills are face up vs face down and right side up vs upside down. Especially since the overview begins with the blank paper on the table in what turns out to be an upside down position. For those who buy this, the bill (blank paper) is folded from a face up, right side up position. Be careful mirroring the folds.


yin howe yeap

Nice visual change of a bill. Ad copy is accurate.
Instructions could have been better (eg using real bills instead of paper). Took me a few tries to orientate the bills correctly. Didn't really cover positioning of different sized bills. Can figure it out with some practice.
Works with plastic money, however, creases need to be really in there. Beware of transparent areas in the plastic bills.:)


Jeff King

Best "flash cash" transformation I ever experienced! MYC brings this classic effect to its simplicity of handling and without gimmicks!


Jorge Betancourt

I've always loved bill changes, it's great magic for real audience, but I never found a bill change that I could say "this is going to be in my repertorie", until I watched MYC, what a great change! What I liked the most is that you recieved two downloads with it, one is with the explanation for a right handed guy and the other is for the lefty guys.

If you like bill changes add it to the cart. Even if you don't like bill changes, MYC will change your mind because it's very practical, visual, easy and can be done with any bill size.