New York Coin Magic Seminar - Volume 10 (Still More)

Magic download (video) by David Roth, Marc DeSouza, Al Schneider, Scotty York, Michael Rubinstein, Geoff Latta, Mike Gallo and Vic Trabucco ($15.00)

In Volume 10, David Roth teaches his ‘Fugitive Coins’ and then has an in-depth discussion on the ‘Okito Box’ in which he tips some ideas and explores more than just the basic possibilities of the prop. Mike Gallo also offers his Okito Box routine while Scotty York teaches how to make a signed coin end up inside a sealed sugar sachet! The volume ends on a high point with an in depth panel discussion by the New York Coin guys on the Retention Pass.


  • Okito Goes Wild (Gallo)
  • Magnetic Coins III (Rubinstein)
  • The Fugitive Coins (Roth)
  • Nonsense (Gallo)
  • Roth on the Okito Box (Roth)
  • Ultra Reverse Matrix (Rubinstein)
  • Old Faithful (Gallo)
  • Stealth Copper Silver Transposition (Rubinstein)
  • A Sweet Little Trick (York)
  • Stealth Showcase (Rubinstein)
  • A Coin Vanish (Trabucco)

  • The Numismatist (York)
  • Al Schneider on Coins
  • Glass Transit (Trabucco)
  • A Matter of Time (DeSouza)
  • Panel Discussion on the Retention Pass
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