New York Coin Magic Seminar - Volume 13 (Workers United)

Magic download (video) by David Roth, Scott Robinson, Scotty York, Michael Rubinstein, Eric DeCamps, Geoff Latta, Mike Gallo, Dan Watkins and Doug Brewer ($15.00)

Michael Rubinstein takes centre stage in Volume 13. He starts off this volume with ‘Copper Silver Brass’, a five phase routine that uses no gaffs, and no extra coins! ‘Copper Silver Transposition’ is the classic effect, made easy to perform with the Rubinstein slide move. The ‘Purse and Glass’ is Rubinstein's take on Roth's classic showpiece, now made into a stand up worker effect for a;; performing situations! 

Scott Robinson uses two spectators for his ‘In the Hands CopSilBrass’. Marc DeSouza shows some new ideas with his ‘Coins Across’, and Dan Watkins reveals a new idea, a progressive wild coin that was a big hit with the guys at the Seminar, called ‘The Coin Chalice’. 


  • Copper Silver Brass(Rubinstein)
  • Copper Silver Transposition(Rubinstein)
  • Purse and the Glass (Rubinstein)
  • Cap and Pence (Gallo)
  • Four and Two Equals (Gallo)
  • The Flurry (Roth)
  • Three Coins and a Ring (DeCamps)
  • Transporter Malfunction (Brewer)
  • Bill Swindle (York)
  • In The Hands Copper Silver Brass (Robinson)
  • The Coin Chalice (Watkins)

  • Gallo Footage from the 2009 Seminar
  • Roth footage from the 2009 Seminar
  • The Magical Change Purse (Rubinstein)
  • Nickle Saver Performance (York)
  • Panel Discussion on Workers Routines
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