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Close-up magic. It's what we do! That's why we created The Session after all. Here, you'll find downloads of some amazing close-up magic. From beginners to experts, we've got all levels of skill covered. From big names you'll know like Eugene Burger, David Williamson and Dani DaOrtiz to guys who might just surprise you.

If gambling is your thing, you'll find some amazing videos here, including the legendary dice work on Gypsy from Ian Kendall. Coins, cards, cubes, pens. If it's close-up, if it's magic, you'll find what you want here.

Forget to Remember Magic download (video)
Forget to Remember
Magic download (video) by Ryan Schlutz - $9.95

Get ready to melt a spectator's mind! The spectator won't know what hit them when they Forget to Remember, by Ryan Schultz and Big Blind Media.A spectator mentally creates a card, but when they try to find it in the deck, it's not there! Then the magician shakes the card box, and one card is found...

Touch Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Magic Soul and Hanson Chien - $24.95

Looking for some fresh rubber band effects to destroy your spectators? Look no further than Touch by Hanson Chien.In this stunning collection, Hanson demonstrates Touch and 9 other effects, all of which are impromptu and can be done with borrowed rubber bands. That's right, no gimmicks here! And as...

Elastics Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Brancato Mauro Merlino - $6.00

Penetration effects always get spectator attention and incredulous reactions by virtue of the impossibility. Now here's a rubber band penetration you have to see to believe!In a new video download, Brancato Mauro Merlino shows you how to construct the Elastics gimmick that can go through any...

Humming Words Magic download (video)
Humming Words
Magic download (video) by Cameron Francis - $9.95

Looking for some mentalism effect with audience participation that is completely different? From the mind of Cameron Francis comes Humming Words!Imagine a spectator fairly mixes a packet of random letter cards and then creates a word. Not only do you know the created word, but you predicted which...

Infinity Box Magic download (video)
Infinity Box
Magic download (video) by Stefanus Alexander - $19.95

Get ready for a transformation so quick and visual that your audiences won't believe their eyes.The Infinity Box allows you to quickly transform anything you can fit under the cellophane of a card box. Want to change a card? Money? Prediction? Coins? Drawing? Another small object? Infinity Box can...

Coin Life Magic download (video)
Coin Life
Magic download (video) by Li Meng - $24.95

For coin workers looking for some knuckle-busting new moves, check out Coin Life by Li Meng. In this 20-minute download, he teaches startling sleights that transform one coin into another, visually and instantly. Check out the video to see what we mean.Though not for the faint of heart, these...

Chris Congreave Live Lecture  Live lecture
Chris Congreave Live Lecture
Live lecture by Chris Congreave - $7.95
Already aired. Download the lecture now!

Haven't heard of Chris Congreave? You won't forget him after this At The Table lecture! Chris is ready to share some of his go-to effects from his 15 years as a professional close-up magician, including his preferred opener and a unique prop that will definitely grab audience attention....

Sarcio Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Kaan Akdogan - $9.95

Looking for a new take on the self-healing hole plot? Check out Sarcio by Kaan Akdogan. Imagine punching a hole in a card, and afterward healing that hole in a slow but extremely visual way. It looks like self-healing! But wait, there's more:Simple handlingUnique methodAnd you can hand out the...

Surp'Rise Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Sandeep - $10.00

When stationary objects move on their own, you will own your audience's attention!   That's what you get with Surp'Rise. A borrowed ring starts flat on your palm and slowly and impossibly rises to stand straight up! All it takes is a little "breath of life" from you...But this isn't your...

The Vault - Tubular Magic download (video)
The Vault - Tubular
Magic download (video) by Paul Harris - $9.95

Paul Harris is back with another close-up miracle! Get ready for The Vault - Tubular. Imagine two bills, one held by you and one by the spectator. You each sign your bills and roll them into tubes. The spectator holds both tubes together and then unrolls them to find one bill with both...

The Vault - Shape Shifter Magic download (video)
The Vault - Shape Shifter
Magic download (video) by Shin Lim (LL) - $9.95

The most magical coin and ring Spellbound you will ever do! The two items appear to transform into one another in a most visual manner, back and forth. Astounding to watch! Shin Lim flew all the way to Milan, Italy to meet up with the underground legend, Riccardo Negroni. ...

Uncapped Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Uncapped
Magic download (video) by Michael Brewer - $10.00 NOW $8.00 (SAVE $2.00)

The magic marker is a ubiquitous tool for the magician. We can't imagine a performance of close-up magic without the trusty Sharpie. AND YET, relatively little magic exists using the Sharpie marker. There are a few great ones ("Double Cross" being our favorite recent release), but we finally have...

Paper Prophecies Magic download (ebook)
Paper Prophecies
Magic download (ebook) by David Parr - $15.00 NOW $12.00 (SAVE $3.00)

In Paper Prophecies, you will learn three amazing prediction effects that David has designed to be as fun to perform as they are to watch. It is also one of the most unique ebooks that you are likely to read. Here’s one of the reasons why: the pages in the back of the book are designed so you can...

Proof Positive Magic download (ebook)
Proof Positive
Magic download (ebook) by David Parr - $10.00 NOW $8.00 (SAVE $2.00)

Proof Positive is an impromptu close-up miracle in which the performer predicts not only which of three imaginary coins will be selected by someone from the audience, but also the result of an imaginary coin toss, heads or tails! This effect is genuinely impromptu — no preparation is...

David Parr Ebook Bundle Magic download (ebook)
David Parr Ebook Bundle
Magic download (ebook) by David Parr - $50.00 NOW $40.00 (SAVE $10.00)

Pick up three fantastic ebooks from David Parr in this special bundle deal! Brain Food: Gourmet Edition Brain Food: Gourmet Edition is David Parr’s classic menu of charming and mysterious magic — revised, updated and digitized! When Brain Food was first released, nearly twenty...

Paul Romhany Live Lecture  Live lecture
Paul Romhany Live Lecture
Live lecture by Paul Romhany - $7.95
Already aired. Download the lecture now!

One of the most prolific thinkers and creators in magic today! We're proud to welcome Paul Romhany for an At The Table lecture like no other! A writer of over 60 books, the editor for Vanish Magazine, and the inventor of countless effects, Paul is described as one of the most entertaining and...

Travelling Coins Magic download (video)
Travelling Coins
Magic download (video) by ARCANA and Dobby - $10.00

When J.B. Bobo released Modern Coin Magic, he defined a style which is as popular today as it has ever been. Dobby has used this classic volume as the foundations for his more refined style of coin magic and 'Travelling Coins' is his variation of the 'Travelling Centavos'. This is as direct a...

Simplex Reverse Matrix Magic download (video)
Simplex Reverse Matrix
Magic download (video) by Mr. Pearl and ARCANA - $10.00

Prepare to be fooled...badly. Mr. Pearl's handling of Ed Marlo's 'Simplex Reverse Matrix' is a masterpiece in sleight of hand with coins. Four coins and four cards are introduced. The coins are placed together while the cards are placed one at each corner of the mat. In a fraction of a...

Magic of South Korea Bundle Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Magic of South Korea Bundle
Magic download (video) by Mr. Pearl, ARCANA and Dobby - $20.00 NOW $16.00 (SAVE $4.00)

Save money when you take advantage of this introductory offer. Three downloads for $20. Simplex Reverse Matrix Prepare to be fooled...badly. Mr. Pearl's handling of Ed Marlo's 'Simplex Reverse Matrix' is a masterpiece in sleight of hand with coins. Four coins...

Cohesive (Download) Magic download (video)
Cohesive (Download)
Magic download (video) by Kevin Li - $19.95

"I hate gum tricks, but I love this one. I'm fooled."Justin FlomNothing is more organic, spontaneous, or surprising to spectators than taking an ordinary object and creating a miracle. That's exactly what you'll learn to do on Kevin Li's Cohesive. Here you'll learn the secrets behind a series of...

Cody Nottingham Live Lecture  Live lecture
Cody Nottingham Live Lecture
Live lecture by Cody Nottingham - $7.95
Already aired. Download the lecture now!

Those of you who've heard the name Cody Nottingham know just the kind of visual, hard-hitting magic he delivers. From his break-out successes with "Changes", "Shake", and "Code Red", Cody brings an onslaught of routines, moves, and magic concepts in his first-ever lecture here with us At The...

Ultimate Blades Magic download (ebook)
Ultimate Blades
Magic download (ebook) by Tim Ellis - $10.00

This is Tim Ellis' acclaimed version of the classic 'Razor Blade Swallowing' effect. You take five razorblades, each blade slices through a card or piece of paper and is immediately placed into the mouth and swallowed. Once all five blades are swallowed, a length of thread...

Gypsy Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Gypsy
Magic download (video) by Ian Kendall - $15.00 NOW $12.00 (SAVE $3.00)

I work in the casino industry so dice hustles are a passion of mine. Ian I think you have done the finest job of documenting and teaching a dice switch to date. A really first rate job, and I have been with and hung around the best in the business.Jeff Connor The two-for-two dice switch is the...

MYC - Mark Young Change Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive MYC - Mark Young Change
Magic download (video) by Mark K. Young - $10.00 NOW $8.00 (SAVE $2.00)

Joshua Jay here...At Vanishing Inc. this is what we live for. I received a call from a friend who said, simply, “You HAVE to see this guy’s bill change.” I was skeptical. “Does it use a thumbtip?” I asked him. “Nope.” “Does it look bad from every angle except head on?” I asked,...

Push Through Magic download (video)
Push Through
Magic download (video) by Robert Ramirez - $10.00 NOW $8.00 (SAVE $2.00)

Rob Ramirez loves books. By searching back through some of the classic texts, he digs out the strongest effects and by adding his subtleties, makes them even better. "Push Through" is Rob's signature coins through table routine. Based of Al Baker's classic "The Magical Filtration of Four...