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Close-up magic. It's what we do! That's why we created The Session after all. Here, you'll find downloads of some amazing close-up magic. From beginners to experts, we've got all levels of skill covered. From big names you'll know like Eugene Burger, David Williamson and Dani DaOrtiz to guys who might just surprise you.

If gambling is your thing, you'll find some amazing videos here, including the legendary dice work on Gypsy from Ian Kendall. Coins, cards, cubes, pens. If it's close-up, if it's magic, you'll find what you want here.

The Vault - Dr. Fun Magic download (video)
The Vault - Dr. Fun
Magic download (video) by Paul Harris - $9.95

If want to connect with a spectator, and I mean really connect with them, then Dr. Fun is the routine for you! Straight from the Paul Harris TA Box Set, this will take the spectator on an emotional roller coaster, with a kicker they won't believe!After writing something on a playing card and...

Recover Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Johnny Daemon - $9.95

A new take on the Torn and Restored bill plot that happens in the spectator's hand!Imagine borrowing a bill and having the spectator sign it. You tear the bill in half and place one half in their closed fist and the other in yours. Yet when you open you hand, your half bill is gone. When they...

Four Card Fooler Magic download (video)
Four Card Fooler
Magic download (video) by Paul Gordon - $4.95

This opener will get spectator attention and not let go! Get ready to learn an amazing packet trick that blows audiences away!Your show four face-up Kings, but when you turn them face down to show blue backs, one King appears face up again. This happens again and again until all the Kings turn face...

PowerFul Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Mattia Morris - $6.00

Use it as a revelation, divination, prediction -- whatever you want. PowerFul allows you to change the writing on the back of a card right under their noses using an ingenious gimmick. Better yet, it's easy to make and soon you'll be melting spectator minds! Download and learn today!

WHEN Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $9.95

"WHEN did that happen?" is what will go through spectator minds with this new sleight, WHEN. This sleight allows you to switch one card for another with relative ease. All you do is place the card outjogged from the middle of the deck and the change happens without gimmicks or gaffs. Bonus...

Oipics Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Matt Pilcher - $9.95

A transformation that they won't see coming! It might be mistaken for real magic! Oipics will let you highlight your card-handling skills. After shuffling a deck, spectators select four cards from the spread, yet none are the target cards - the four Kings. Yet when lay out the cards later, the...

Toxophily Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Learned Chang - $7.95

Card on ceiling just took major leap...sideways! Now you can magically and inexplicably stick a card to any wooden surface with Toxophily!Imagine a card is selected and lost in the deck. Now the spectator takes a thumbtack and inserts it into the short end of the deck. Yet when the deck is slammed...

U-Knight Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Matt Pilcher - $14.95

Looking for an extremely visual version of Torn and Restored card? Then check out U-Knight by Matt Pilcher. As the trailer shows, you tear the center out of a playing card, only to restore it in a flash! Makes use of a devious psychological convincer you'll love!Download and learn...

Andrus Notes eBook Magic download (ebook)
Andrus Notes eBook
Magic download (ebook) by Jerry Andrus - $39.95

Jerry Andrus was a creative genius, and now 7 of his lecture notes are collected together in this one volume. You'll be treated to 100 pages of Jerry's out-of-the-box thinking, including modern-day classics such as 'Zone Zero' and 'Sudden Surprise.' Treat yourself to some incredible magic and...

Pilcher > Madison, Lax and that Ramsay guy on YouTube combined Magic download (video)
Pilcher > Madison, Lax and that Ramsay guy on YouTube combined
Magic download (video) by Matt Pilcher - $29.95

Whether you think he arrogant or not, you'll have to agree that Pilcher > Madison, Lax and that Ramsay guy on YouTube combined is a compilation of four incredible effects for one low price, including: U-Knight - A very visual torn and restored effect with a simple method. The...

The Gathering Magic download (video)
The Gathering
Magic download (video) by Jason Ladanye - $9.95

The Aces and three selections collect themselves from a spectator shuffled deck!  After a spectator shuffles a deck, three spectators select cards, which are put in different parts of the deck. However, the magician has some serious skills, and causes the four Aces to jump to the...

Best for Last Magic download (video)
Best for Last
Magic download (video) by Jason Ladanye - $9.95

Looking for a gambling-themed closer that will bring the house down? Then save the Best for Last!In this poker deal demonstration, the magician deals himself every poker hand from lowest to highest, guaranteeing he won't be welcomed at any spectator's card table!Download and learn today!

The Ultimate Exchange Magic download (video)
The Ultimate Exchange
Magic download (video) by Jason Ladanye - $9.95

A transposition unlike any you've seen before that gets incredible spectator reactions!In The Ultimate Exchange, a selected card is torn into pieces and placed in a spectator's closed fist, which is then topped with another card. However, with a magical wave, the card on the fist turns into the...

HTXTH Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Magic Heart Team - $6.90

After watching your finger-ring magic, they'll swear that ring has a mind of its own! This download is all about incredible finger-ring magic. Cause the ring to jump from finger to finger, then hand to hand, then through a glass table, and even more moves and sleight of hand is taught. ...

Lucky 50 Magic download (video)
Lucky 50
Magic download (video) by Jason Ladanye - $9.95

Everybody perks up when money is on the line, and in this effect the performer puts his money where his mouth is.The magician bets his own $50, placing it into an envelope, on successfully finding a selection in a spectator-shuffled deck. Despite a few tries, the magician is unable to find the...

Precision Aces Magic download (video)
Precision Aces
Magic download (video) by Jason Ladanye - $9.95

Perform this effect and there will be no doubt about your skill with a deck of cards!The performer removes the four Aces from the deck and the spectator removes an additional three cards. All the cards are returned to the deck, but well separated from each other. However, after just a few shuffles,...

The Quick Change Artist Magic download (video)
The Quick Change Artist
Magic download (video) by Jason Ladanye - $9.95

This is a quick opener with a lot of magical transformations packed into one routine!The spectator selects a card and the magician produces an Ace and transforms it into three different suits, none of which are the selected card. Then fourth Ace then makes its appearance under the spectator's hand...

The Set-Up Magic download (video)
The Set-Up
Magic download (video) by Jason Ladanye - $9.95

Out of this World meets Triumph for an effect that will leave an audience baffled and bewildered!A spectator selects and card and loses it into the deck, and the magician finds it. But then the magician explains that the red and black cards were separated. By putting the card among the opposite...

Through and Through Magic download (video)
Through and Through
Magic download (video) by Jason Ladanye - $9.95

A signed card and a magic table make for an mind-bending routine!A signed selection is returned to the deck, even pushed square by the spectator. However, thanks to the "magic table" at which they sit, the magician makes the selection travel through the deck and under the table! To up the challenge...

The Devil Eight My Card Magic download (video)
The Devil Eight My Card
Magic download (video) by Matt Pilcher - $6.66

Matt Pilcher brings you another easy-to-perform yet impossible effect with The Devil Eight My Card. Your volunteer selects eight cards from a deck. They think of one card and remember it, and you shuffle the cards and place them down. Now the spectator names the card, picks up the...

Pimm's Box Magic download (ebook)
Pimm's Box
Magic download (ebook) by Matt Pilcher - $5.00

Who doesn't like winning? What if it happened every time? Interested? Read on! In Pimm's Box An Ace of Spades is put into one of two boxes. Now it's time to play a game. The spectator chooses one box for you and the other for himself, the winner getting the Ace of Spades. Despite...

The Vault - Smoking-i Magic download (video)
The Vault - Smoking-i
Magic download (video) by Paul Harris - $9.95

An incredible Paul Harris effect with matches that touches a precious memory, making it so much more than just witnessing a magic trick.In Smoking-i, a spectator writes the initials of a loved one on a match. That match is lit and the initials are visibly burned away. Now another plain match is...

Static Balance Magic download (video)
Static Balance
Magic download (video) by Rizki Nanda - $5.95

A feat of levitation this defies logic, yet it looks too good to be true! That is Static Balance!Borrow a spectator's cigarette and balance it on your cigarette pack. And by balance, we mean at an impossible location: the tip! All this with no suspicious items, and it can be handed out immediately...

The Big Stack Magic download (video)
The Big Stack
Magic download (video) by Jason Ladanye - $9.95

A gambling routine guaranteed to shock and awe an audience with your gambling skills.The Big Stack is Jason Ladanye doing what he does best: clever construction with a compelling plot. For the routine, the performer shuffles the deck twice. Yet in spite of that, he deals himself the four...

THR-U Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Matt Pilcher - $9.95

If you are looking for an easy and mind-bendingly visual coin penetration, then you need to check out THR-U. Matt Pilcher brings you this astounding two phase coin penetration where first a coin penetrates a Tic Tac box, and then from there into another Tic Tac box!Download and learn it today!