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Magic download (video) by Michael Blau and Ethan Zack
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9.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Michael Blau and Ethan Zack ($9.95)

Presage is a tool allowing you to predict a thought of word or card. Whether you're a seasoned performer or a hobbyist, Presage is easy to use and has many possibilities! With bonus performances and tips by Chris Ramsay and detailed explanation on the simple gimmick construction, you'll be performing this minutes after learning the method.

  • No thumb writing
  • No switches
  • No sleight-of-hand required
  • Great for an opener or closer for strolling
  • Can be used to predict words, numbers, cards etc.


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Customer reviews for Presage


Okay first off, where did these two kids come from?!?! The method they teach on this download is pure genius! I can't stop thinking about all of the things I can do with this! Spectacular!



Holy s**t! Simply put, this is one of the best mentalism devices I've seen in years. This has already improved many of my existing routines, and it will probably help me in creating some more.



I recently saw this performed live by Ethan in New York City. The things that he was doing with this device were remarkable. It's as if you can build an entire act based off of this one principle (not that you would want to..but, you could!). It's one of those rare times in magic nowadays where the creators genuinely CARE about their product. Thank you Ethan and Michael for bringing out this incredible utility. Highly recommended.



WOW!!!! The rating scale isn't big enough. This is one of the greatest mentalism devices to ever be invented! Michael and Ethan are pure geniuses. If you don't have this trick then you are missing out! On second thought, don't buy this, I want to keep it all to myself!!!

Presage by Michael Blau and Ethan Zack