Simplex Reverse Matrix

Magic download (video) by Mr. Pearl and ARCANA ($10.00)

Prepare to be fooled...badly. Mr. Pearl's handling of Ed Marlo's 'Simplex Reverse Matrix' is a masterpiece in sleight of hand with coins.

Four coins and four cards are introduced. The coins are placed together while the cards are placed one at each corner of the mat. In a fraction of a second, the coins disperse. Instantly, each card has a coin underneath it!

  • No shells are used. 
  • Not difficult to do.
  • Completely ungimmicked!
  • Use any coins and any cards!

Running Time: 6mins 15secs

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Customer reviews for Simplex Reverse Matrix

Jorge Betancourt

I can just say… beautiful! I’ve always been a fan of matrix, but to be honest none of the ones that I’ve learned fit me. This is great! Stop reading, jut buy it.