Magic download (video) by Fredrik Höjman
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Magic download (video) by Fredrik Höjman ($10.00)

Squeeze is an ingenious, ungimmicked way to visually solve a Rubik's cube. On this half hour download, creator Fredrik Höjman takes you through everything you need to know. There are no complicated algorithms to learn, nor do you need to know how to solve a cube. Just follow the over the shoulder camera, memorize a few simple steps, and soon you will be performing Squeeze!

The proliferation of cube magic has brought about many clever ways to secretly solve a cube but many of them look suspicious, or happen quickly. The beauty of Squeeze is how slowly the cube moves and how sofly the colors just seem to morph.

The download runs for almost 30 minutes and also includes a bonus false mix by Jack Carpenter and a PDF which includes the algorithms for those of you who may be interested in them.

"Squeeze Solve looks REALLY GOOD. I can't wait to learn it and start using it now!"Henry Harrius
“A practical and easy solve for live performances”Takamiz Uzui
"Frederik Höjman’s ”Squeeze” should be called “Instant” because that’s how quickly the magic happens. “Squeeze” is a great instant cube solve because the method allows you to focus the audience’s attention on the exact moment of amazement.” Karl Hein
"This twists and turns my brain so it hurts".Axel Adler
“A great gimmickless solution for a super fast visual solve”Kev G.

Customer reviews for Squeeze

Shawn Yu

Very awesome routine!!! It’s not difficult, so pretty much anyone is able to do it with no need to know how to solve a Rubik cube, but it does help if you do know how since you will need to start with a solved rubik cube. The actually technique is fairly angle proof, at least he goes though how to make it angle proof so you are able to perform surrounded. Over all, an awesome effect!


Richard Tuckerman

Great, but not for the squeamish. If you haven't done Rubik's Cube work before, prepare for a bit of a steep learning curve. It will take LOTS of practice to get the moves into your muscle memory. You will be rewarded with a MIRACULOUS instant solve of an obviously thoroughly mixed cube. There will be frustrations along the way, but patient practice will reward you with a move that most will download out of curiosity but abandon before attaining mastery. The $10 is well spent in either case, but it is close to the magical bargain of a lifetime for those willing to put in the time.


jonas calderhead

this takes a while to learn but once you got it down it really is amazing.