The Vault - CHINK-A-CHINK Elements

Magic download (video) by Patricio Antonio Teran Mora
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The Vault - CHINK-A-CHINK Elements

19.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Patricio Antonio Teran Mora ($19.95)

Learn From The Matrix Maestro

For the last 10 years, Patricio Terán, the Matrix specialist, has kept his work underground. Today, thankfully, his amazing ideas and methods are released so you can learn them too. 

This download contains 3 amazing matrix routines, along with all the subtle nuances Patricio has learned over the last ten years. These wrinkles alone will elevate your matrix to something beyond amazing. 

You’ll get detailed instructions, showing you each step of the way how to achieve miracles like you can see in the demo video. All shot professionally with astonishingly detailed tuitions. 

If you like visual magic, this will let you perform a matrix full of eye candy - even with four unrelated items!

Don’t just take our word for it, Richard Sanders said:

"The best Matrix I have ever seen! I thought my eyes were malfunctioning." 

Download it today. 


Customer reviews for The Vault - CHINK-A-CHINK Elements

Dr. Joaquin Ayala

Normally I would do a lot more in-depth review but this one will be on the short side.

The three versions of Chink-a-Chink (please excuse the cultural insensitivity) on this video are all very visual, but the best in my opinion is the version using four different items (a silver coin, a key, a finger ring and a Chinese coin) - it looks like you are watching special effects but in real time. This could even be a great interlude piece in a Copper/Silver/Brass routine using just three coins and a little thinking.

I would not consider any of them to be difficult but as with all magic, there will be a certain level of practice needed to make them look as smooth as Mr. Terán does. Also, be ready for some easy arts and crafts.

Highly recommended!