The Vault - IG

Magic download (video) by Josh Janousky ($9.95)

Here's an incredible prediction effect using the spectator's own phone and their own Instagram app!

Get the entire audience to interact, gain new followers, and foresee the future using Instagram. A participant opens her Instagram app to find an impossible revelation. Your Instagram post - shared several months earlier - perfectly predicts the participant's previously chosen card. But it doesn't end there... the best stuff is in the post description: it incredibly contains HER name and a description of what she is wearing AT THAT VERY MOMENT! Remember, this was all posted MONTHS IN ADVANCE.

IG is a new utility for social media magic. Without using any special apps, you have the ability to reveal anything: playing cards, names, outfits, and more. IG doesn't require any stooges, assistants, or pre-show, and it all takes place on the legitimate Instagram app. Download the video now for immediate learning!

"Josh is a really interesting cat! His ideas are fresh, unique, and you can tell he really thinks about what he is doing."
- Peter Turner

"IG is a simple yet highly effective pocket prediction system. You'd have to be antisocial not to love this!"
- Michael Murray

"Clever antics using multiple phases and revelations through a social media platform. And it uses my favorite tool... intimacy!"
- Bobby Motta


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Customer reviews for The Vault - IG

Doug Isenberg

I love this!!!

I purchased IG last night and watched the 10-minute instructional video right away.

Yes... it is only 10 minutes, but in the case of IG, it is actually a perfect length for the download. Josh covers everything really well from how to set up your post on Instagram to executing the card reveal and the name/clothing reveal.

This is a very simple effect (plot and method wise), but it will get amazing reactions and obviously has the great justification for getting people onto your Instagram account and building your following. I will definitely be performing this on my magic Instagram account (@AriMagician).

Highly recommended! Great work, Josh.

- Ari