Seattles Finest

Magic download (video) by Christopher Wiehl

Seattles Finest

4.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Christopher Wiehl ($4.95)

Who says you need an espresso machine to make great coffee? Just easily make it in your hands, instantly.   This is a fooling and fun effect which would be perfect in a casual setting. 

Christopher Wiehl has devised a most clever method of taking some easily found, everyday objects in a coffee shop and bringing them together to make deliciously brewed coffee in the palm of your hands.

Take a coffee bean, a creamer cup and some sugar, pour them all into your hand - now enjoy your fresh brewed miracle right from your palm.

It's the perfect trick to liven up your next trip to the coffee shop.

  • Simple Setup
  • Easy to perform
  • Everyday objects
  • No Thumb Tip needed
  • Great for Coffee Shops or restaurant work
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