A New Simple Matrix

Magic download (video) by Dean Dill ($4.00)

Al Schneider's simple and elegant Matrix Routine with the Dean Dill touch. Dean has taken the simple but powerful original "Matrix" effect, examined it in detail, and taken out all potential weaknesses. 

Four coins are fairly covered with 4 cards. No steals are made at this point and all is very fair. Immediately the coins assemble one at a time in the cleanest and most magical manner possible. If you ever wanted to learn Matrix there is no one that makes it look more magical than Dean Dill.

Includes an alternate version where all of the coins immediately jump back to where they started. This is Dean's later version of the "Matrix" he performed on The Tonight Show.

NOTE: This is an xcerpt from Extreme Dean #1 by Dean Dill and teaches the instant reset phase of the routine.


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