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Open Coins Across Magic download (video)
Open Coins Across
Magic download (video) by Dean Dill - $4.00

Dean Dill's interpretation on the Open Hands Coins Across. Three coins visibly vanish from one palm-up open hand and appear in the other.  Includes an additional ending where the last coin appears in the closed hand of the spectator! This download also covers Dean's work on handling...

A New Simple Matrix Magic download (video)
A New Simple Matrix
Magic download (video) by Dean Dill - $4.00

Al Schneider's simple and elegant Matrix Routine with the Dean Dill touch. Dean has taken the simple but powerful original "Matrix" effect, examined it in detail, and taken out all potential weaknesses.  Four coins are fairly covered with 4 cards. No steals are made at this point...

Kostya Kimlat's Okito Box Routine Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Kostya Kimlat's Okito Box Routine
Magic download (video) by Kostya Kimlat - $10.00

Fresh off his phenomenal performance on Penn and Teller's Fool Us, we are proud to present a brand new, unpublished routine by Kostya Kimlat. As you would expect, it's stunning, smart, quick, and visual. What you may not that it uses coins and an Okito Box. In fact, we'll even go a...

Harada Hold Magic download (video)
Harada Hold
Magic download (video) by Daiki Harahada - $35.00

The Harada Hold allows you to open both hands while hiding a coin. If you enjoy challenging coin sleights, you will have a lot of fun learning this technique. You do not need a gimmick. You can use a borrowed coin. The download explains the method and basis of the...

Spray Vanish + Coin from ?!? Magic download (video)
Spray Vanish + Coin from ?!?
Magic download (video) by Sandro Loporcaro - $18.95

A method for vanishing coins or other small objects which can be performed without sleeves. You can also use to change a coin with a key.  No magnets No threads No topit No noise Any coin can be used BONUS Coin from ?!? is a way more easy to disappear...

In Transit Magic download (video)
In Transit
Magic download (video) by Curtis Kam - $7.99

Curtis Cam is an absolute master with coins. His magic is beautifully constructed and amazing to watch. In Transit combines two incredibly powerful effects to create a fantastic routine. You are magic. You are the power to amaze and entertain at will. And you keep getting better....

Fingertip Muscle Pass Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Fingertip Muscle Pass
Magic download (video) by Kainoa Harbottle and Colin McNamara - $10.00

The muscle pass is the most elusive coin sleight. It's hard to do and it requires constant practice to maintain it. What Kainoa has developed is an alternative sleight that simulates the same thing--a coin defying gravity--but the move is now performed with the fingertips. You can use this...

VOID Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Ryan Clark - $8.95

With just a wave, you can visually vanish and produce practically any small object. No need to say more, the video demo speaks for itself. The effect is accomplished using a small gimmick which can be made at home within minutes. Your hands never touch. Coin can be...

Ency of Coin Sleights Set (Volumes 1 - 3) Magic download (video)
Ency of Coin Sleights Set (Volumes 1 - 3)
Magic download (video) by Michael Rubinstein - $34.95

The close-up magician must use various sleights as his tools in creating finished masterpieces. Often this is a difficult and time-consuming venture as the sleights are scattered far and wide and finding just the right sleights takes a tremendous amount of time, searching, sorting, and more...

Titanium Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Arnel Renegado - $6.95

Rip a signed coin in half before restoring it in a very visual way.

Sankey Very Best Set Magic download (video)
Sankey Very Best Set
Magic download (video) by Jay Sankey - $99.95

Get ready to see Jay Sankey like you've never seen him before-filmed live in front of a studio audience with three broadcast-quality cameras! Volume One:  It's all here! The wildy original plots, the ingenious handlings and the off-the-wall presentations. A grand total of...

Pure Imagination Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Pure Imagination
Magic download (video) by Scott Robinson - $10.00

IMAGINE causing a card to disappear SLOWLY and VISUALLY. IMAGINE performing the vanish with just three cards. IMAGINE doing it with no gaffs. At Vanishing Inc. we are honored to be working with underground legend Scott Robinson. We begin our collaboration with one of his finest...

Vaniss Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Deepak Mishra - $19.95

VANISS is a collection of five complete coin vanishes all performed at the fingertips created by D'Puck M'Shra. Imagine being able to make a regular coin vanish at the very tips of your fingers. Learn Five different Methods to do exactly that. Make a coin vanish at the fingertips...

Klink Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Klink
Magic download (video) by Rune Klan - $10.00

Denmark's Rune Klan is back with an elegant coin sequence that is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for formal performances. He developed this routine to be performed for a parlor audience, and you'll see how he expertly uses the glass to amplify the visuals AND signal the magic with an auditory "klink." The...

Bridge Change Magic download (video)
Bridge Change
Magic download (video) by Ryan Bliss - $4.95

Ryan Bliss has come up with a stunningly visual coin change that is sure to get your creative juices flowing. The magician holds a coin on the palm of his hand. Without any visible cover, the coin changes into another coin, or any small object that can it into your hand! This and many...

Let's Get Flurious Magic download (video)
Let's Get Flurious
Magic download (video) by Gary Kurtz - $14.95

Flurious is an intensive new instructional download from Gary Kurtz. The magic is original and of the highest quality in every respect. Gary is a captivating performer and the items in this download are truly valuable to any performer. Included on this outstanding Download is Forced Thought,...

It's Impossible Magic download (video)
It's Impossible
Magic download (video) by Miguel Gea - $5.00

The maestro of coin magic, the innovator of Spanish prestidigitation and 1/3 of The Fat Brothers, offers an incredible coin routine using an under used gimmick that's sitting in your junk drawer right now. You will use it to create a high paced, visual magical routine that will...

Portal Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Kainoa Harbottle - $7.00

Many respect Him. Many study him. All fear him. His name is Kainoa Harbottle. In this body of work, Kainoa offers a structurally and visually beautiful one coin routine that should be studied, dissected and admired. This is PORTAL. This is Kainoa's newest gem, a single coin effect that...

Coin Melody Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Coin Melody
Magic download (video) by Troy Hooser - $10.00

To commemorate the release of Troy Hooser's two-book set, we're now releasing an unpublished effect via instant download: Coin Melody. This is not a coin trick, but instead a ROUTINE with a stunning beginning, middle and end. This routine will make you want to follow along instantly, and we...

Pretty Fly Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Pretty Fly
Magic download (video) by Mike Eaton - $10.00

Michael Eaton is the newest member of the Vanishing Inc. Team, and we're pleased to present his "Pretty Fly" routine to you exclusively. This gorgeous coin effect is a full routine--a beginning, middle, and end. There is NO confusion or awkward moves, and everything is...

Flurious Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Gary Kurtz - $7.50

Flurious is Gary Kurtz's signature effect and we're thrilled to bring it to you as a streaming video. What is Flurious? You've probably seen a one-coin flurry routine where the perform makes a coin vanish and re-appear a number of times, well Flurious is an incredible...

CoinRUNEque Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive CoinRUNEque
Magic download (video) by Rune Klan - $10.00

Rune Klan's coin magic started a revolution. His 3 Pieces of Silver is one of the best and most sought after coin magic videos ever recorded and the tricks from that video are used by magicians across the globe. Here, we present a brand new coin trick from Rune. It's a multi-phase...