Magic download (video) by Creative Artists and Yuxu ($10.00)

At Vanishing Inc. Magic we are careful and measured with our praise. But when you watch the trailer for "Spellbound" we think you'll agree with us. This is THE BEST SPELLBOUND SEQUENCE WE HAVE EVER SEEN. Fluid and flawless. The changes just seem to melt into each other. 

You will learn every single move of the sequence as Yuxu guides you through the routine in detail. The download has been designed to allow you to follow along meaning that you will be able to learn this fantastic routine at a comfortable pace. Integrate these moves into your own routines, or learn the routine exactly as he performs it in the trailer. Naturally, these moves range in difficulty from easy to difficult, but we're confident there is something for everyone in "Spellbound." It's a masterclass of coin changes, and a rarity to find a coin download of such terrific value.

Yuxu is one of the 'Creative Artists', a group of incredibly talented magicians from Vietnam. Their style is modern, enticing and effortless and we are thrilled to bring you this, the first in a series of downloads that we have lined up from the 'Creative Artists', exclusively at Vanishing Inc..


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Customer reviews for Spellbound

Dan Perkins

I love this! I was so fooled by the trailer and honestly thought that I wouldn't stand a chance learning it because I am not great with coin magic. However, the teaching is very clear (to music, but the subtitles are better in a way) and everything is covered in great detail. Make no mistake, this will take a lot of practice to get looking as good as Yuxu can do it but it is definitely manageable I can;t recommend this enough!


Jack McCoy

I've learned many 'Spellbound' routines through the decades and agree this is one of the best, it's definitely the prettiest I've seen. The price is, in my opinion, a steal for what you get. This is a series of unique and clever moves, some easy, others not quite so but I guarantee you'll be doing a couple of them in your spellbound routines in no time. No trick coins, just beautiful moves and practice to give it fluidity. Highly recommended.


Jorge Betancourt

Wow, very nice moves, hyper-visual routine, some of the techniques are difficult, other not that much, but definitely worth the money and the effort. Even if you don't perform the routine as explained and just incorporate some of the moves into your usual Spellbound routine, it worth it.

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