Kras Change

Magic download (ebook) by Michael Kras
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Kras Change

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Magic download (ebook) by Michael Kras ($10.00)

Michael Kras has developed a very cool color change for a card isolated, outjogged from the pack. With just a flick of the finger, the impossible happens: the card transforms instantly into another card.

The Kras Change uses a regular pack and can be learned easily with just a bit of practice. Suggested routines include changing the color of the back of the card, selected card routines, and transpositions.

Ebook with 14 pages.


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Customer reviews for Kras Change

Tim Atkins

Just got this. It's excellent. Absolutely worth checking out, and I'm already using it.


Phil Harris

The Kras Change is lovely! Really wonderful! I've been doing it none stop!