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New And Improv'd - magic

"Mowgli" is a critically acclaimed improvised comedian and magician. In this ebook he reveals the cogs that make his comedy mind turn. Whether you want to create unique material, learn how to improvise more effectively on stage, deal with the unexpected or just add humour to your show Mowgli draws back the curtain on his improvised comedy world, and guides you hand in hand (not in a creepy way) round the techniques he has used and taught others.


  • How To Deal With Hecklers
  • How To Create A Unique Act
  • How To Write Jokes
  • Fimprovisation Revealed
  • ... and SO much more
"Not only will this book help you get to grips with the tricky task of adding humour to your performances, it will help you do it organically; allowing you to be more 'You'. I found the chapters on Writing and adding your own personality to an effect invaluable." Alexander Marsh
"The book has some invaluable insight into improvisation, handling audiences, and controlling one's performance environment" Jheff's Market Place of the Mind

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