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KAPOW! (ebook) Magic download (ebook)
KAPOW! (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Liam Montier - $12.00

The original PDF returns. Long unavailable since its release on DVD, but we have had a lot of requests from those that prefer their tricks in text format. This great ebook features ten great tricks from the creative minds of Liam Montier and Cameron Francis! These ten tricks are...

Released Magic download (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Cameron Francis and Liam Montier - $10.00

Released is a brand new e-book of card magic that is, frankly, sexual in nature (well, sexual if you're really into card tricks) and was created by professional magicians Cameron Francis and Liam Montier. If magic were wrestling, these guys would be the Legion of Doom. Between them, these...

Shazam! Magic download (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Liam Montier - $12.00

Shazam is Liam's brand new collection of killer card magic, featuring 12 brand new and previously unreleased material, spread over 60 pages and illustrated with numerous photographs for ease of learning.  It all uses regular cards (aside from Staple Diet) and just regular card moves.  ...

Shenanigans Magic download (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Liam Montier - $12.00

Please note - In order to perform these tricks you will need some standard bicycle gaffs. Contact us if you need help getting these. Originally available only as a limited edition booklet, Shenanigans was a complete sell out at Blackpool Convention a few years back.   In it...

Cartomancy Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Cartomancy
Magic download (ebook) by Luke Jermay - $99.95

Cartomancy (PDF eBook + Audio) is Jermay's fiercely original solution to answering unwritten questions audience members simply think about. "I just finished reading Cartomancy... It’s brilliant. The construction, the script, the thoughts hidden behind, the principles you’ve assembled......

SHARP Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive SHARP
Magic download (ebook) by Eric Richardson - $10.00

"In Sharp, Eric reveals the best version of the Card Stab I have ever seen ... PERIOD. Eric's routine fooled me badly." Michael Vincent "Sharp is a thought-provoking journey of history, methodology and insight. Eric's 'Sharp Memory Stab' routine is a stunning performance piece that is...

Illuminating Ideas Magic download (ebook)
Illuminating Ideas
Magic download (ebook) by Andrew woo - $11.95

With Andrew's second book completed he decided to put together a themed book. Although this third book is slightly off the beaten path it maintains its entertainment value. The majority of effects require some level of arts and crafts construction. Illuminating Ideas Andrew Woo, a...

A La Carte - Forged from Introspect Magic download (ebook)
A La Carte - Forged from Introspect
Magic download (ebook) by Andrew woo - $9.95

Andrew Woo presents his second book. This offering contains a collection of enhancements and refinements on existing plots and themes but with a perspective that is truly Andrew Woo. Enjoy his original thinking through various methodologies applied to the Art of Magic. A La Carte...

Audacious 2 Magic download (ebook)
Audacious 2
Magic download (ebook) by Abhinav Bothra - $14.99

Stop your pulse, plant thoughts, influence choices and demonstrate the most impossible coincidence. Asystole- A one of a kind impromptu pulse stopping effect where your palm can be face up all the time with nothing covering it. Note: You will need a basic knowledge of methods for...

Behind My Back Magic download (ebook)
Behind My Back
Magic download (ebook) by Abhinav Bothra - $4.99

A version to the classic Card Calling Trick. The spectator selects 4 cards while the performer is facing away. After selection, the performer turns his back toward the spectator. The spectator shuffles the 4 cards and holds 2 in each hand. With performer's back turned...

One Eighty Magic download (ebook)
One Eighty
Magic download (ebook) by Eric Richardson - $10.00

Book one of Eric's new Journey Card Magic Series is finally here! In One Eighty, Eric will take you along on his journey of rediscovering an often overlooked principle. Along the way you will learn how to: Divine selected cards while completely blindfolded (legitimate) and without ever...

WD40 Magic download (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Wayne Dobson - $20.00

WD40 contains 40 great tricks from Wayne's own professional repertoire, and more than a quarter of them have never been published before. The tricks are real crackers and not too difficult to perform. "Wayne's tricks are brilliant!" says magicseen editor Mark Leveridge, "they do not contain...

Seven Wonders Magic download (ebook)
Seven Wonders
Magic download (ebook) by John Guastaferro - $15.00

An all-new collection of magic from John Guastaferro with 7 professional card effects, plus a bonus routine. In this ebook, you’ll discover: a mystery card effect, a mathematical principle with a commercial kick, a card fusion inside the card box, a semi-automatic effect with a kicker,...

Separation Anxiety Magic download (ebook)
Separation Anxiety
Magic download (ebook) by Bruce Bernstein - $25.00

Bruce Bernstein: Over the years I have worked on and developed many versions of the classic effect, OUT OF THIS WORLD. In fact, the first effect I ever released was called "Couples" — a version of OOTW that, at the time, Paul Curry stated was the best variation of his original that he had seen,...

Duffie/Robertson Trilogy Magic download (ebook)
Duffie/Robertson Trilogy
Magic download (ebook) by Peter Duffie and Robin Robertson - $49.95

If you like experimenting and playing with card tricks, then this trilogy is a goldmine. It contains 465 pages of card magic and well over 200 effects. Duffie and Robertson work together, taking a sleight (often an original, or very little known sleight) and then creating the best effects possible...

Kras Change Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Kras Change
Magic download (ebook) by Michael Kras - $10.00

Michael Kras has developed a very cool color change for a card isolated, outjogged from the pack. With just a flick of the finger, the impossible happens: the card transforms instantly into another card. The Kras Change uses a regular pack and can be learned easily with just a bit of practice....

New And Improv'd Magic download (ebook)
New And Improv'd
Magic download (ebook) by Mowgli - $15.00

"Mowgli" is a critically acclaimed improvised comedian and magician. In this ebook he reveals the cogs that make his comedy mind turn. Whether you want to create unique material, learn how to improvise more effectively on stage, deal with the unexpected or just add humour to your show Mowgli draws...

Magic in Mind Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Magic in Mind
Magic download (ebook) by Joshua Jay - Free

A note from Joshua Jay: What if I told you that today we are releasing a book with contributions from Derren Brown, Teller, and Juan Tamariz? How about if the book also included contributions from John Carney, Darwin Ortiz, Tommy Wonder, Pit Hartling, Rene Lavand, Tom Stone, and nearly thirty other...

The Three Types ebook Magic download (ebook)
The Three Types ebook
Magic download (ebook) by Luke Jermay - $20.00

"Luke Jermay is one of the most creative performers I have ever met." Teller Luke Jermay is a brilliant, forward-thinking mentalist, and his sensational The Three Types is one of our proudest moments. That lovely little booklet continues to garner great reviews and comments when someone comes...

TOUR Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive TOUR
Magic download (ebook) by Eric Richardson - $12.00

Eric Richardson has cracked it. For years magicians have wanted to get into the Aronson stack from new deck order without the audience knowing. Eric has found a very elegant solution. This is a massive step forward for Aronson stack workers and we are proud to present it to the community. He has...

The Meridian Technique ebook Magic download (ebook)
The Meridian Technique ebook
Magic download (ebook) by Mark Elsdon - $20.00

How many times have you done a strolling gig, cocktail party or residency and performed for group after group, packed up, and left with no bang, no "wow", no feeling that you just killed them? Sure, everyone was impressed, but it just didn't seem to add up to much... In The Meridian...

Mark Elsdon Ebook Bundle Magic download (ebook)
Mark Elsdon Ebook Bundle
Magic download (ebook) by Mark Elsdon - $40.00

Purchase Mark Elsdon's three ebooks, The Inevitable, Dream Poker and The Meridian Technique and get $10 off. Not only that, but you'll also get a brand new, free unpublished book that cannot be obtained any other way. ME=Control is a great, exclusive Mark Elsdon effect and you can be...

The BOOF Magic download (ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Liam Montier - $15.00

Liam Montier (creator of Timeless; one of our biggest hits) is back again with a MONSTER PDF download that details 15 routines with a regular deck! We like Liam's magic a lot. His plots are quirky and original, his methods cover a wide area of easy slights (many of which are little...

PM Card Mark System Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive PM Card Mark System
Magic download (ebook) by Pete McCabe - $20.00

Pete McCabe captured the imaginations of magicians everywhere with his stellar book, Scripting Magic. Now he’s back with a seamless, practical way to turn the deck in your hands right now into a marked deck; you only need a Sharpie marker. He spent a dozen years perfecting his marking system,...

Ready, Set, Guastaferro Magic download (ebook)
Ready, Set, Guastaferro
Magic download (ebook) by John Guastaferro - $19.95

If you've read One Degree, you're probably already having withdrawal symptoms from John Guastaferro's magic. We've got good news; READY, SET, GuastaferrO is John Guastaferro's all-new ebook containing 12 astonishing card effects and we're the only magic shop that is able to offer it. ...