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PM Card Mark System - magic

Pete McCabe captured the imaginations of magicians everywhere with his stellar book, Scripting Magic.

Now he’s back with a seamless, practical way to turn the deck in your hands right now into a marked deck; you only need a Sharpie marker. He spent a dozen years perfecting his marking system, and he teaches it all—along with several of the most deceptive marked-deck magic we’ve ever encountered—in this exciting new ebook.

The PM Card Mark System is the only marked deck system that:

  • You can make with your own deck, using just a Sharpie
  • In which the markings are actual numbers and letters (a la Ted Lesley), so there are no weird codes or symbols to memorize
  • Each card can be “read” from a spread in the hands

The detailed descriptions and diagrams aren’t just easy-to-follow, they’re addictive. McCabe (a professional Los Angeles-based writer) has an enthusiasm for this material that is contagious. It makes you want to mark the deck as you read. And you should: “Simple Miracle 1” and “Perfect Prediction” are insanely good.

It’s $20 dollars and available to read on your computer or you iPad, via our new app.

82 pages.

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Customer reviews for PM Card Mark System

Will Dryer

The marking system is the quickest to apply and amongst the easiest to read. I marked my deck in about five minutes, which made the book a lot of fun to read through with cards in hand.

I sense that this is a lesser known ebook too, so I can really imagine this flying by magician friends too. The ebook is well written and makes the process of marking a deck and learning the tricks very easy.

The fact that I could read this on my iPad made the whole experience much more fun. Kudos to everyone involved!