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Second Storm Ebook - magic

"These notes contain an abundance of strong routines. 'Double Trouble,''The Box Illusion,'“The Stress Test,” “Constellation” and the astounding 'Ultimate Fate' are examples of tricks with extremely different effects, but a commonality of craftsmanship. The results are intelligently thought-out magical pieces filled with impact that are a pleasure to see or perform." - David Regal 

"I highly recommend buying these notes. There are 14 audience-tested goodies, compressed into 41 pages, accompanied by clarifying, color-digital photographs. You'll discover John's unique ability to transform effects into 'extraordinary moments.' Second Storm is loaded with dead-on fixes, creations and evolutions that you will be eager to perform." - John Racherbaumer


Jokers To Go
Two Jokers inside the card box change places with the spectator’s selected card.

Teeter Totter Aces
Using the deck as an imaginary teeter totter, the spectator produces the four Aces just by pushing on the deck.

The Stress Test
The name of selected card mysteriously appears on a stress test card held by the spectator.

Time Will Tell
After an eerie revelation, three randomly-selected cards match the current time of day on the spectator's watch.

Ultimate Fate
Fate brings two random cards together, followed by the discovery of the four Aces and a near impossible finale. An absolute reputation maker!

The Box Illusion
Make an empty card box appear to be full of cards. A clever bit with many possibilities.

Googly Eyes
Do an online search using the deck to successfully find the spectator’s card…with an added kicker to boot.

Here, There & Everywhere
A selected card makes a mysterious appearance in various places throughout the deck, finally ending up in an impossible location.

Turning the Tables
The spectator plays the role of magician and sucessfully finds four cards. 

Fair Trade
The Aces help predict which of the four Queens the spectator is holding. For the finale, the Queens and Aces change places.

Double Trouble
Time to call “deck” support again. This time, the deck goes from all printed faces. The deck is immediately handed out for examination. A perfect opener!

Tricycle Cards
Four "baby Jokers" (poker-size cards with mini-Jokers printed on them) grow up into regular Jokers, then turn into Kings. Learn how to make this unique card in minutes.

Dots made by a spectator on your business card visually move and rearrange themselves to spell a message.

You start with nothing and end with nothing. Not quite a silk trick, not quite a sponge ball trick, but a whole lot of fun!

44 pages

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Jordan Pampliega

Nothing less from the master himself John Guastaferro. The effects presented here are timeless and are always apt for real working conditions. Sleight of hand artitsts would really appreciate how these effects flow so smoothly and easily. No small detail was left out in the explanations and every effect is worth it.