Card Across

Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck
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Card Across

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Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck ($5.00)

A selected card is left protruding from half the deck in your left hand while the other half remains in your right hand. Instantly and without the packets ever touching their card vanishes and reappears protruding face-up in the right hand packet. The card can be signed!


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Although difficult, with regularly practice, the moves are possible. The explanation is easy to understand and there are many views provided.

This trick is really practical because of the great misdirection it provides. However, I think this trick is better to buy with their Hand to Mouth effect as it creates a nice routine.



This is the effect which has multiple uses. You can do the Hand to Mouth routine and so on. Worth more than it costs, I kindly request you consider it at least once.



One of the most direct card transpositions created. It kills and the misdirection is perfect.



This trick will require some practice before getting the sleights down fully, but once you do it is an amazing effect which is super fun to perform. It is fun in much the same way as card to mouth and should definitely be bought along with it for the routining potential of the trick.



This trick is superb in its concept. It's hard-hitting, powerful in misdirection and fun to practice. You learn an interesting double lift called Floop by Simon Lovell. The technique is well taught and has a well-constructed structure.

But unfortunately, at the most difficult moment of the trick, the ending, explanation is scarce. There is a production in one hand (which will remain unnamed) and you have to cut a card in the center of the other packet. This requires a great amount of coordination and skill and the production is not well explained since it does not belong to the Buck twins. The explanation of this production is incredibly brief: you merely see an exposed view twice and a short walkthrough, but certainly not enough so as to learn the move perfectly.

So in conclusion, I do recommend this trick but only to magicians which have quite some experience in card handling and who know a variety of moves. I have managed to learn this trick perfectly, but truly it required unnecessary experminetation.

Card Across by Dan and Dave Buck