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We are huge fans and appreciators of Darwin Ortiz's words and material. That's why we embarked on a "first" in magic: to make an audio book of his acclaimed Designing Miracles, to be used on your phones, iPods, in your car, or just about anywhere. Why should learning magic be relegated to your study at home? Why not improve your skills on the plane or at the gym?

The response has been fantastic. It's Darwin himself reading the entire Designing Miracles book, and it's ready for INSTANT download right now. Within minutes you can be learning from Mr. Ortiz. What's more, Darwin expands on his concepts from the book with bonus material he has never written, published, or shared before.

Download Chapter 1 for free and then purchase the rest of the Designing Miracles audio book on download or CD.


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BGG Reviewer

Designing Miracles by Darwin Ortiz is one of the very best books you'll find about magic theory. But it's not cheap. Fortunately, for around half the price of the hard copy book, you can now get it as an audio book. With this download, Vanishing Inc Magic gives you the first chapter free. The audio book features the entire text of Darwin Ortiz, read out loud by the author himself, along with some updates with examples to the original book. The entire recording is just over 8 hours in total, so here you just get the first chapter. But it should be enough to make you realize that this is a terrific book, and that Darwin Ortiz does an excellent job in reading his own work, with good clarity, expression, and emphasis. Sometimes an author may be a good writer but not a good reader; that is not the case here, and Ortiz is a pleasure to listen to.

There are significant advantages with an audio book besides immediate delivery and cheaper cost. For one thing, you can listen to the book while on the move. This enabled me to maximize my commuting and driving, and I even enjoyed listening to sections while going for a jog or while laying in bed. The cost is another factor - the audio book costs only half of what it would to purchase a hard copy of the book and have it shipped to your house. And you get to enjoy the download immediately as well, and there's no need to wait for it to ship to your doorstep since delivery is immediate.

Since the audio book was done a few years after the book was first published, Darwin Ortiz has also updated a few sections with additional examples, and there's an extra section at the end in which he is interviewed, and offers clarification on a number of points.

Given that it's free, definitely check out this first chapter of this great audiobook, and then consider picking up the full version that has the entire book. Highly recommended, and one of the very best resources in magic that you'll ever find! - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame



It is amazing to see this in audio book form. I really hope we get some more audio books of great magic titles. This and Maximum Entertainment in audiobook form is a miracle in itself!!