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Live lecture by Eric Stevens
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Eric Stevens Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Eric Stevens ($7.95)

Eric Stevens has been mastering his art for nearly two decades. He brings his dry wit and smooth magic to his At The Table lecture. With a wide range of effects-from coins to cards and even a little bit of theory sprinkled in-there is something here for everyone. Eric is also very well known for his version of the classic Hot Rod, and if you've got a gimmick collecting dust, this lecture will make you revisit this staple of magic. Come experience this red-hot lecture, right here, At The Table.

The One-Armed Man: The audience is taught a little something about the classic 3-Card Monte and how to avoid being swindled - all the while being taken for a ride until the surprise ending.

Lazy Bones: Eric's take on the classic Coins Across routine.

Hang 'em High: An interactive coin routine that can be paired with Lazy Bones or done as a separate routine.

Split-Second Marvel: A freely-chosen time on the stopwatch of a spectator's phone allows for the selection of a card that perfectly matches a previously reversed card in a second deck - one that has been set aside since the beginning.

Hot Rod: One of the best Hot Rod routines you will see.

Happenstance: The power of coincidence is explored. The magician not only divines the identity of a freely selected card, but influences the participant to name the card's exact position in a shuffled deck.

Factory Production: A great production of all four Kings.

A Very Dynamic Sandwich: Take any four of a kind and make one of the cards appear inside the Joker sandwich. Takes place in the spectator's hands.

Somewhere Out There: The magician is able to predict several spectators' randomly chosen numbers.

Tribloon: Three Chinese coins are produced in a very magical way, and one suddenly transforms into a half dollar; finishing with a clean vanish of each coin.

Mercury Catch: The spectator selects a card, and the magician is able to snatch the card out of midair as the cards are dribbled to the table.

"Eric Stevens has all the qualities of a new star of magic. Pay attention to his talents; he is going places!" Jeff McBride
"Eric Stevens has an eye for the details in his magic. He gets me thinking about the way I perform myself and... take my magic to the next level... Eric is a true gent and always a pleasure to watch!" Tom Elderfield

Note: The lecture will be aired on Jan 21th


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I know it's a cliche, but this lecture really has something for everyone. Normally, I consider myself lucky if I end up adding one of the routines from a lecture to my repertoire. In this case, I know I'll add several! Like so many other magicians, I enjoy card magic that has powerful impact but isn't too difficult. You'll get several examples of EXACTLY that in this lecture. Everyone knows how hard it is to fool a magician's wife, and I've already blown mine away with a couple of these items ("Happenstance" and "Mercury Catch"). Of course, you also get the real work on some of Eric's Hot Rod moves, some coin routines, and even a little bit of mental magic.

The true value of this lecture, however, lies in the thoughts Eric shares about performance theory. I personally plan to watch those sections again several times in order to glean from the wisdom they contain. What's more, watching Eric interact with his participants will teach about more than just magic; you'll learn a thing or two about how to be a decent human being. Remember Leipzig's mantra: "The audience likes to be fooled by a gentleman." Eric Stevens is gentleman, and he's going to fool you.



Eric recently did a lecture here in Phoenix and it was great! I'm glad to see that much of the lecture material is in this download along with plenty of other excellent effects. Happenstance & Tribloon are highlights for me but all of the material is worthwhile. You won't be disappointed with this lecture!



This is jammed packed from being to end. Everything is taught in great detail. The material on this lecture are workers. There are card,coin effects as well a mentalism effect. Also you get see some Eric's work on the hot rod. He is a true master of the Hot rod and in his hands its a display of visual fireworks.