Dani DaOrtiz Live Lecture 2

Live lecture by Dani DaOrtiz ($7.95)

Here's a man who needs very little introduction, Dani DaOrtiz. One-third of the world famous "Fat Brothers", the biggest thing about Dani is his magic and ability to entertain a crowd. With influences like Tamariz and Ascanio, Dani's magic is nothing less than finely honed technique hidden behind a fa├žade of casual effortlessness.

Not only will you learn mind-melting effects from Dani's repertoire, but you will also get in depth look at how he uses his carefree attitude to create moments of misdirection and expand the impossibility of an effect.

Join us At The Table with Dani DaOrtiz and be inspired and completely fooled all at the same time!

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Customer reviews for Dani DaOrtiz Live Lecture 2

Christophe Fouquet

Get a new host! Mark Wilson is the master of interrupting presenters.
Remind him he is the host, not the guest.
Great material diluted by Wilson's tangents...


Marcel Eschborn

@Christophe Fouquet - his name is Greg Wilson but I'm absolutely agreeing with you. Dani could've hosted the lecture by himself. He's just that captivating.
I'd rate it lower just because of Greg's interruptions but I don't want this gem of a lecture being rated too low because of bad hosting.
The lecture content from Dani itself is 10 out of 5 stars.