Darryl Davis and Daryl Williams (The Other Brothers) Live Lecture

Live lecture by Darryl Davis and
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Darryl Davis and Daryl Williams (The Other Brothers) Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Darryl Davis and ($7.95)

You may not have heard of the Other Brothers... But that's because for the past three years, they've been the magical force behind some of the top named magicians and created countless effects saving the best for only themselves and their audiences. 

This year all that changes. Not only will you find them lecturing and performing at places like Magi-Fest and Blackpool, but they've also begun publishing the impressive library of effects that they've built up over the years. This duo is not to be missed. We will have them live At The Table, where we'll have the opportunity to sit down and learn some of this wonderful magic from these two hidden gems.

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Customer reviews for Darryl Davis and Daryl Williams (The Other Brothers) Live Lecture

Jamez Beam

Truely wonderful, easy, and FUN material. This is a STEAL! A must have in any magician enthusiast library...and personally I feel this is the new generation of Penn and Teller super hybrid! Really great to watch...filled with so much info! Oh my...x-Mas in Aug! Love it....


Tristam Smith

This is such a fun lecture to watch, it really feels like a jam session with some friends. The material in this is really good and creative.