Kyle Marlett Live Lecture

Live lecture by Kyle Marlett
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Kyle Marlett Live Lecture

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Live lecture by Kyle Marlett ($7.95)

We are proud to bring you Vanishing Inc.'s own Creative Director Kyle Marlett. Kyle has experience creating magic for the biggest names in the business! Known amongst creators as the consultant to the stars, Kyle is bringing some never before-seen effects to this very special At The Table Experience! Not only will you be learning some cool, visual and organic magic, you'll also be able ask your questions directly to Kyle about what it takes to be a top magic consultant. This is an experience you can't miss!

This lecture incredible lecture is 3 hours long! Kyle teaches 20 different effects with bills, toilet paper, bottles, bananas, cell phones, animal crackers, and more!   


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Quentin Green

Wow Wow Wow! Kyle Marlett's lecture is amazing! So many effects! 3 hours long! He taught really great magic!