Titanas Live Lecture

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Magic download (video) by Titanas ($7.95)

Titanas Live Lecture - magic

We are very proud to bring Titanas to our At The Table Experience! This man lives up to his name not only in stature but also within the magic/mentalism community. 

Titanas' creative approach is sure to get your creative juices flowing and show you that mentalism can be taken in a number of directions that you may not have previously considered.


  • Seduction 
  • MorganFreeman 
  • Unlocking phone 
  • About phone magic 
  • Ballsy trick 
  • Oracle + Variation 
  • The source + set up version 
  • Creative process + Titan's finger (no gimmick) 
  • Identity thief 
  • Anniversary Tango 
  • What on earth + Variations 
  • About Classic force 
  • Table Control 
  • 2 Peeks 
  • Gum Trick 
  • TV work + Car Vanish 
  • Coin sealed 
  • Magician gag 
  • Poker hand 

Hosted by the one and only Greg Wilson, best sure to mark this date on your calendars because you won't want to miss out!


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