Blindfold Poker Deal

Magic download (video) by Ed Marlo and Jason England ($4.95)

Blindfold Poker Deal by Ed Marlo, Explained by Jason England

In 1942 Ed Marlo published a routine that would later become a classic and a magician-fooler. Here Jason England explains this routine, which is all but forgotten. If you don't know it, it will fool you bad. In short, four spectators are dealt a poker hand each, and each one selects a card from their hand. When you collect the cards and re-deal, you perfectly deal yourself each selected card.

NOTE: You will find this much more effective if you have a good Zarrow Shuffle. If not, we've got you covered! Just click HERE for an excellent resource.

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Customer reviews for Blindfold Poker Deal

This is not was I exactly expected.

First of all, there are no reviews on this product. Are there no reviews or don't they get accepted?

Anyways, I'm a huge fan of Jason England and have watched all of the downloads he made by now. This was disappointing because I thought it would have a completely different method to it.

My expectations were that you would be able to do it with a real blindfold that actually isn't see-through, and I was hoping it had a different method to collect the spectator's cards (since it isn't shown in the actual trailer).

Card magic has been developed quite a lot throughout the years, but I was hoping that every pile the spectator had involved a keycard, and then they would be able to shuffle the cards after memorization.

Is this worth $5? If you have a good memory and a good, fluent, unsuspicious presentation then this is definitely worth $5.

If you are an advanced table magician, then you most likely know how it's done.
I wish the trailer showed the collection of the cards so I wouldn't have to buy it.

Disappointing method for me, but quite good and strong!