Gardner/Marlo Poker Deal

Magic download (video) by Ed Marlo, Jason England and Martin Gardner ($4.95)

Gardner-Marlo Poker Deal, Explained by Jason England

This principle is well-known, but very few people have actually seen the classic in real time. This was the routine that spawned many variations! After performing and explaining this terrific effect, Jason England shares his preferred handling.

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Customer reviews for Gardner/Marlo Poker Deal

Derrick Won

I only dabbled in false dealing until I saw this. Now I practice deals like a mad man so I can get this routine down.


Jorge Betancourt

This is the perfect routine for practicing false dealing in front of an audience. All of us know that Jason England is one of the best technicians in the world and a great teacher, so you won’t be disappointed with this download. Give it a try, buy Gardner/Marlo Poker Deal and start to amaze people with your cheating skills.