2017 Christmas Lecture Notes

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Magic download (ebook) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding ($25.00)

2017 Christmas Lecture Notes - magic

Sam brings you an early Christmas present with his 2017 Christmas Lecture Notes. Perfect as a digital stocking stuffer or just to treat yourself, these mentalism notes include propless mentalism, modern billet routines, new ways to use classic gimmicks, card mentalism and so much more. Download and learn today!

Effects include:

The Perambulate. An insane principle that you can literally utilize with almost anything and still blow the spectator's mind. In these notes, you will learn how to divine a thought-of color.

Stepping. A method to change the date on a coin in the spectator's hand with no switches.

Access Court. A brand-new PRACTICAL method of divining the spectator's PIN code 100% of the time. (The spectator never writes anything or says anything).

Pulling Colors. This is a section where I go into thorough detail on how to force every color!

What is the time? This section is dedicated to watch forces and watch peeks. I hold nothing back.

Frozen Card Peek. A funky, easy, practical playing card or business card peek!

Curly. The spectator writes down a thought-of word and signs a piece of paper, so it can't be switched. While the spectator holds the paper in their hands, the performer not only divines the thought-of word, but makes the word completely vanish on the paper. Amazingly, the paper still contains the spectator's signature!

Vale 2.0. A sequel to the ever-so-popular Vale technique.

Dot. This is a routine where the spectator names three important people in their life (Sister, Mother, and Grandmother). The performer instantly tells the spectator which name matches the specific family member.

The Year Deck. The spectator names a year. The performer spreads out a deck of cards with celebrities on each playing card. The spectator looks through the cards and picks a celebrity. They then look up the celebrity on the Internet and the thought-of celebrity matches the year they named at the very start! 


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