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Magic download (video) by Nefesch ($22.00)

LIFT - magic

Imagine being able to perform endless Mentalism effects using one, single method! Imagine that Method being the simplest thing to do!

You are now able to know what a person is thinking of by simply lifting your own hand!

Routines Included:

  • Psychological Draw Duplication
  • Dreams
  • Q&A
  • Newspaper/Book test
  • And more...

    Lift is awesome! So many applications and completely impromptu! Not just a peek, but a steal, a load, a switch - I'm bubbling over with ideas for this little gem!DEE CHRISTOPHER

Also includes a walk around method to perform the Dreams Routine Nefesch performed on the Next Uri Geller Show

Shot in High Definition and over 1 HR and 45 Mins.

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