Mind Journey (Excerpt from Senti-Mentalism)

Magic download (video) by Luca Volpe ($7.95)

Mind Journey is the highly acclaimed routine from the DVD "Senti-Mentalism", and is finally available as a single download for this amazing price.

The effect is as follows. You explain to your spectator that they are going to take a journey in their mind. You ask them to just think of the name of someone they want to take on the journey. As they concentrate on the person, you ask them to also think of the age of the person, while at the same time you write your impressions on a piece of paper, which is then folded and tossed into a cup.

You now ask them to imagine a place, anywhere in the world that they would like to be. Again, you write down your impressions on a piece of paper, fold it and toss it into the cup. Finally, you ask your spectator to see themself in the future, say 10 years time. You ask them to just imagine themselves projected into the future while you write something down. Again, your impression is folded and tossed into the cup.

You now tip over the cup allowing the pieces of paper to spill onto the table. You open up the piece of paper and read them out one-by-one. Your first two predictions match, i.e. the name and the destination. The final prediction of the future projection leaves the spectator with a special moment they can take away with them. A three-phase reveal for a wonderful, emotional and magical moment.

Mind Journey is an original take on a classic method in mentalism; a triple prediction with an emotional twist where you correctly predict all the elements of it. Four different concepts blended together and you end the routine with a meaningful prediction.

In this download you will find the full live performance and a detailed explanation in which Luca Volpe covers all technical and psychological aspects of the routine.


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