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Mythos - magic

Get ready to dust off that center tear with two new offerings in Mythos! Wooding presents his two center tears, Typhon and Typhon 2.0, and proceeds to teach you some exciting routines using them, including:

Abaddon - A Living And Dead test, with no pencil reading or feeling for marks.

Medusa - A mystifying routine where the spectator reads your mind, and then you read the spectator's mind.

Orthus - Uses a new mentalism principle. Of 26 cards, on 13 of those are random words. On the other 13 are ways to destroy paper. One spectator selects from each pile. The performer asks the first spectator to merely think of the first word that pops in their mind when they see whatever random word they picked. The first spectator writes down the thought-of word, and the action is subsequently done to the paper. The performer reveals the thought.

Cerebus - A spectator thinks of a dream and they write a word that represents that dream. The paper is given to the performer, and the performer tears it up. The performer then divines the dream in full detail, including what they saw in the dream, who was in it, etc. The performer finally and amazingly divines the word. 


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