Never Bet the Devil Your Head

Magic download (ebook) by Francis Girola ($19.00)

Never Bet the Devil Your Head - magic

Never Bet the Devil Your Head is that rare combination of a powerful storytelling effect and a unique souvenir the spectator walks away with to always remember the effect.

Influenced by Docc Hilford and Paul Brook effects, you take your spectator on a bizarre journey that culminates with presenting them with a special coin, a souvenir of their travels with you.

This effect is very easy to perform, which lets you concentrate fully on the powerful presentation. Though not suitable for table-hopping, in an intimate environment this will provide a powerful experience for your spectators. Even better, it's almost impromptu and requires no sleight of hand!

So do your audiences a favor and give them an experience they won't forget. Download today!

"Never Bet the Devil Your Head is a very clever and compelling bizarre mental act to suit the more intimate occasion. Francis has taken some already incredible influences and masked them with a diabolical method that the spectator will never see coming as the storyline performance has been honed to mask it so well. Highly recommended!"Steve Drury (committee member of PSYCRETS, British Society of Mystery Entertainers)


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