Reader of Minds!

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Magic download (ebook) by Paul Kevin Bell ($25.00)

Reader of Minds! - magic

It's time to upgrade your mentalism show and become a true Reader of Minds!

After years working with "shut eye" mediums and clairvoyants, Voodini is here to show you how to perform gimmickless mind-reading, without the billet switches, center tears, electronic gimmickry, and stooges. Your show will start to look and feel like real mind reading!

In addition, Voodini will show you how to use these techniques for private readings, including Tarot and palm reading. Finally, you will learn the "The Hand of Destiny," a beautiful routine combining genuine palm reading with simple card magic to create an amazing experience.

Show your spectator what it looks like to be a true Reader of Minds and download today!

"Reader of Minds! combines a wealth of real working experience with a depth of knowledge about mentalism and readings to provide a great overview and entry into the world of propless psychic entertainment. Paul walks you through a series of easy-to-follow steps that take you to a new level of understanding. His experience shines through and his practical examples and avoidable pitfalls make this a valuable addition to the magical and mystery entertainment literature. A must read."Dr Todd Landman MMC - the Metaphysical Magician, Co-Founder of the British Society of Mystery Entertainers


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