Ring of Destiny - Combination Lock Number Mentalism

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Ring of Destiny - Combination Lock Number Mentalism - magic

Searching for the perfect routine using a combination lock number? Your search is over!

With Ring of Destiny, a couple's wedding rings are locked onto a combination padlock. You hand out a small notepad to the audience. Four volunteers each write down a random four-digit number, which are added together to create a unique five-digit number. Whilst this is taking place, four other audience members randomly generate numbers of their own in seemingly fair process. These numbers are then used to count down to the corresponding position in a deck of cards that was seen to be shuffled at the start of the routine.

The 5-digit notepad number is revealed and is, for example, 15769. You explain that, as only four cards had been randomly selected, you will use just the first four digits of 1576. To everyone's amazement, when the four playing cards are turned over, they are an Ace (one), five, seven and six, matching the first four digits of the randomly calculated number perfectly.

This four-digit number of 1567 is then entered into the combination lock -- the lock opens! The married couple gets their rings back, and the audience goes mad with thunderous applause. And all this with an ungimmicked lock that you can give away at the end!

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