Something Old

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Magic download (ebook) by Aire Allegro ($24.95)

Something Old - magic

Including 4 routines for close-up and 1 for stage, this book, the first in a series, reworks some of Aire's past effect and updates them, adding new subtleties. Something Old contains effects you shouldn't have missed the first time, so take advantage of the opportunity to peruse these gems and download and learn today!


Impromptu Book Test - The mentalist has a spectator multiply numbers on their phone (no TOXIC force) to arrive at a page number in a borrowed book, yet the mentalist can still divine the thought-of word.

Impromptu Dictionary Test - A spectator chooses a random word on a selected dictionary page, but the mentalist still divines their thought-of word with 100% accuracy!

Which Hand Method 1 - An object is placed into either hand behind a spectator's back, yet the mentalist can always tell which hand holds the object!

Which Hand Method 2 - The Long Con - The mentalist proposes three games of Which Hand, in each guessing which hand doesn't hold the coin. For the third game, the mentalist even predicts whether the coin is heads or tails side up and a random word the spectator is thinking of!

Staple Gun Roulette - Five staple guns are on a table in front of the audience. Not only does the mentalist know that the last gun to be picked and tested is safe, but even predicted the order of the selection ahead of time!


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