The Voodini Steps to Mentalism

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Magic download (ebook) by Paul Kevin Bell ($80.00)

The Voodini Steps to Mentalism - magic

First came Corinda and his 13 Steps to Mentalism, and now Paul Voodini presents his own version of them in The Voodini Steps to Mentalism. In 352 pages, he examines the same 13 steps, but adding real-world advice and anecdotes from his time as a professional entertainer.

The full chapter headings are:

1. Swami Gimmick
2. Pendulums
3. Mnemonics
4. Predictions
5. Blindfolds
6. Billets
7. Book Tests
8. Telepathy & Psychic Party Games
9. Mediumistic Stunts (previously released as '#9')
10. Playing Cards
11. Cold Reading (contains elements from the previously released 'Cold Reading Lecture')
12. Promotion & Publicity
13. Patter & Presentation


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