Magic download (video) by Eric Jones
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Magic download (video) by Eric Jones ($6.95)

Master of Coin Eric Jones offers an amazing new IMPROMPTU coin vanish that is as insane as it is beautiful. Imagine causing a coin to vanish at the fingertips in the most incredible way possible. You can even do this one naked!!! Based on the work for Shoot Ogawa and Apollo Robbins, Eric teaches and novel and unique technique that is just as much fun to practice as it is to perform. This 13 minute download is chock full of excellent technique, professional performing tips that you can add to your arsenal immediately.

You will learn:

JW Grip
Coin Selection
JW Grip Muscle Pass
Evanesce: The basic technique
Professional performance tips


Customer reviews for Evanesce

Richard Göbel

Not absolute rubbish, but the "absolute rubbish"-rating comes closest to my opinion.
I agree with Eric Jones, who by the way is one of my favorite magician, that this vanish is on a 11 or 12 on a difficulty scale form 1-10. Angle is bad too.
I would recomend Harlequin, which is an awesome download.


Nigel Chambers

So crazy hard but so crazy good! This is going to take a lot of work but it's so worth it!


This isn't the type of thing you'd do for a huge audience, and it's really difficult, but if you put in the time to perfect this vanish, it's AMAZING