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The Vanishing - Shin Lim DVD
The Vanishing - Shin Lim
DVD by Shin Lim - $29.95

Preface: This utility device will allow you to do miracles when it comes to vanishing an object or making it travel from one place to another. It is light to carry and can fit in your wallet. It's not bulky, and no necessary clothing requirements are needed. You can even use this gimmick naked if...

Thread Miracles - Volume 2 DVD
Thread Miracles - Volume 2
DVD by Michael Ammar - $29.95 NOW $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

Volume 2Section 1 - Magic Using the I. T. R.Finn Jon's Mystery Nut and Bolt ala I. T. R The Chop Cup Application Dave Nelson's Dollar Bill Flight I. T. R. Floating Bill The Perfect Practice Hookup Open Face Hookup Z Grip to Lock the Thread Hoop Pass Rotating Hoop Pass Bloom's Balancing Card Robert...

Three Way DVD
Three Way
DVD by Wei Ding - $25.00 NOW $12.50 (SAVE $12.50)

In this debut release from Wei Ding you will learn 3 strong and usable effects, 3 new moves and 3 incredible double lifts. This collection is comprised of material for the working pro and even the finger flingers in all of us. In many ways there is something for everyone.Three effects, Three...

Tickling The Mind #2 DVD
Tickling The Mind #2
DVD by Mel Mellers - $39.99

Are you short of new ideas and presentational concepts for your magic? Well, they're finally here in this brand new must-have DVD for all magicians! Welcome to the Mel Meller Project, a mammoth 2 DVD set that takes you into the world of one of Europe's leading corporate cabaret magicians. With...

Tied DVD
DVD by Jason & Cobble Wethington - $26.25 NOW $13.12 (SAVE $13.13)

As human beings, we all have the ability to create. All too often, this gift of creativity is laid to rest before it is ever used. Living under the theory that inspiration is the key to motivation, to inspire, is to breathe life into lifelessness. Join accomplished magician Jason Wethington as he...

Tivoliland 2 DVD
Tivoliland 2
DVD by Arthur Tivoli - $25.00

In his new DVD, Arthur Tivoli presents the routines he actually performs in restaurants: 3 sets, 8 minutes each, with cards, laughs, coins, surprises, ropes, hearts, diamonds... and all this magic fits in his pockets and a small box. CONTENTS Set #1Sponge ball routine - How to make friends with...

Topit Workshop DVD
Topit Workshop
DVD by Bob Fitch - $99.95

EffectWe are proud to announce the release of a monumental new product, The Bob Fitch "Topit Workshop." We believe this amazing training set will cause a paradigm shift in the way magicians think of using the Topit. Contents of Volume 1: Topit Variations:Patrick Page; Michael Ammar; Ramon Galindo;...

Totally Blue It! DVD
Totally Blue It!
DVD by Ed Ellis - $30.00 NOW $15.00 (SAVE $15.00)

For over 25 years, Ed Ellis has performed close-up magic, sleight of hand illusions, and full time table magic for Hollywood, TV, and sports celebrities. His is also an accomplished award winning drummer, and has played on stage with The Buddy Rich Band. Ed has also performed his amazing close-up...

Trapped DVD
DVD by Jordan Johnson - $25.00 NOW $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

Walk up to spectator borrow their empty bottle and visually penetrate their cap into the bottle. To take it a step farther the cap is "Trapped" in the bottle, and before we forget to mention, the CAP IS SIGNED. If you have ever wanted to perform the classic visual cap in bottle effect without the...

Trick Cyclist DVD
Trick Cyclist
DVD by Andrew Normansell - $18.00

An incredible, easy to do, multiple selection routine with an incredible, NO PALM, signed card to pocket ending! This trick will make you look like a master sleight of hand artist!EffectThree cards are freely selected (no force), signed and returned to the deck. The Magician now shows a Bicycle...

Twist of Fate DVD
Twist of Fate
DVD by Paul Wilson - $34.95

R. Paul Wilson teaches some of his pet effects, which he has honed through years of performing in bars, restaurants, parties and social events. This is a collection of diabolical routines that will slay audiences.Contains performances and explanations of: In The Hands Of June: A remarkable mental...

Ultimate Beginner Magic DVD
Ultimate Beginner Magic
DVD by James Anthony - $21.25 NOW $16.15 (SAVE $5.10)

Learn the most amazing Ultimate Beginner's Magic EVER with this EPIC DVD. Ideal for beginners and ages from 8 to Adult, Ultimate Beginners Magic Vol1 makes the perfect gift. Learn all this and more! 1.Time Travel Machine 2.Mental Prediction 3.The French Drop 4.Table Top Coin Vanish 5.The Strike...

Ultimate Card Through Window DVD - Eric James DVD
Ultimate Card Through Window DVD - Eric James
DVD by Eric James - $45.00 NOW $34.20 (SAVE $10.80)

This is amazing! This effect is at the essence of true magic. It has captivated Magicians and Laymen alike for many years. You've seen the world's greatest magicians perform this effect on TV countless times. You've tried your best to get to that level, or even surpass what you've seen. Well,...

Ultimate Thread Reel DVD
Ultimate Thread Reel
DVD by James George - $36.75

Volumes I, II & III from the Ultimate Thread Reel Videos now for the first time ever on one DVD! All fully indexed to make locating your favorite routines, easy and fun to learn! James George (Inventor of the ITR tm.) demonstrates and teaches 20 routines and effects that will take the beginner...

Unexpected Visitor Volume 2 DVD
Unexpected Visitor Volume 2
DVD by Doug Brewer - $34.95 NOW $26.56 (SAVE $8.39)

Another Visit From The UnexpectedDeveloped, tested and refined for maximum audience impact in Every Situation!11 tricks fully explainedCoin magic for every situationVisual Copper Silver Brass: Unbelievable final phase where the coins transpose even with your hands open! Fidget: Two coins become...

Urban Underground DVD
Urban Underground
DVD by JC Sum - $40.00 NOW $20.00 (SAVE $20.00)

Performed by J C Sum, "Urban Underground", is a formal close-up magic show that weaves masterfully structured routines that showcase a diverse range of plots, effects and props into a seamless modern close-up performance. In this two-volume DVD set, J C shares his show structure, original...

Venerable Die Box Greater Magic Teach In DVD
Venerable Die Box Greater Magic Teach In
DVD by Bill & Stevens McComb - $30.00

The newest release from the Greater Magic Video Library is also the first ever instructional material of this classic effect. Learn and enjoy Gene Anderson's well thought out routine. Learn from master, Billy McComb and his great routine with a simple Die Box. See many rare collectible Die Boxes...

DVD by Dee Christopher - $16.00 NOW $8.00 (SAVE $8.00)

In VEX you will learn how to appear to bend borrowed coins with you mind. Since Geller popularized coin bending demonstrations in the 70's, magicians and mentalists have strived to create the most believable coin bending effects possible. Inside the 30 minutes of one of one tuition with metal...

Visual Encyclopedia of Contact Juggling #2 DVD
Visual Encyclopedia of Contact Juggling #2
DVD by Matt Olsen - $30.00

Contact Juggling is the art of continuously manipulating an object or objects so that they are put into motion without being tossed into the air as in normal juggling. Without a doubt Contact Juggling is the most graceful form of the art. The fluid motions of the body cause the objects to take on a...

Weapons of the Card Shark Volume 1 DVD
Weapons of the Card Shark Volume 1
DVD by Jeff Wesmiller - $30.00 NOW $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

Effect Learn how to take a clean fully shuffled deck, and deal yourself the winning hand. No marks, No trick decks. Deck is handed to you completely random. No joke! Ever wonder how cheats really do their thing? Think it's about marked cards or gimmicks? Think again. This video is the first of it's...

Weekend at the 4F w/ Obie O'Brien VOL. 1 DVD
Weekend at the 4F w/ Obie O'Brien VOL. 1
DVD by Magic City - $30.00 NOW $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

Probably the best DVD this year (we are a bit modest about this one). There are several explanations, performances and even an extra bit of business. There is some of the strongest magic available including routines from Richard Kaufman(an INCREDIBLE TRIUMPH), Jim Klayder, Scott Robinson( A...

Wizard School DVD
Wizard School
DVD by Andrew Mayne - $15.00 NOW $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

EffectBe a real life wizard! Levitate objects, perform incredible feats and even learn how to float on a broom! At Wizard School, master magician Andrew Mayne will teach you sixteen different acts of wizardry: The Magic Hands • The Wizard News • Appearing Wand • Vanishing Wand • Floating Wand • The...

World's Greatest Silk Magic volume 1 DVD
World's Greatest Silk Magic volume 1
DVD by L&L Publishing - $19.95 NOW $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

Handkerchiefs have been a part of the magician's arsenal at least since the 1500s but it wasn't until the mid-1800s that handkerchiefs made of silk made their appearance as magical apparatus. The first recorded use of silk handkerchiefs in the literature of magic was by none other than...

Xpand DVD
DVD by Brandon David, Christyrious and Paper Crane Productions - $24.95 NOW $12.47 (SAVE $12.48)

XPAND is a handmade mechanical card gimmick that allows you to perform a special effects miracle with a SIGNED card. The effect starts out with a spectator selecting and signing a card so far in their mind nothing unusual. Then things get very weird and the spectator soon realizes that this is not...

Zombie Re-Animated Volume 2 DVD
Zombie Re-Animated Volume 2
DVD by Jeb Sherrill - $35.00 NOW $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

Zombie Re-Animated Vol. 2by Jeb SherrillZombie Re-Animated is destine to become the definitive work on Zombie. This two-volume DVD is designed to take a novice to an expert and an expert to the point of master. Nothing less than comprehensive, Zombie Re-Animated brings you through in-depth...