Accessory Kit - Micro 5 Pro PK Kit

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Trick by Chazpro Magic & Collectibles ($45.00)

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Accessory Kit - Micro 5 Pro PK Kit - magic

Add on to your Pro PK Magic Kit or use this unique assortment of PK magic accessories with any other PK magnet. Perform powerful street and table PK magic with:

  • Electra K Kit - Control electronic items "with your mind!" Includes two sensitive magnetic reed switches & instructions!
  • Steel Core Coin - - This examinable coin can be used for a variety of effects: vanishes, a bank night routine, psychic movement, etc.
  • Shimmed Shell Coin - This coin can be made to "vanish" or change into a completely different coin.
  • Expanded Coin Shim - this round shim is specially designed to fit into a U.S. half dollar or english penny expanded shells. You can use the expanded shell for all of your favorite routines.
  • Shimming Supplies - Additional shim foil and wire, plus ultra thin magnetic sheeting for making your own PK effects

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