Play Ball trick

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Play Ball trick - magic

A great mentalism effect with a baseball theme - instant home run! An ordinary paper bag is on the table. There is something inside that will be revealed later. Six ungimmicked collectors' baseball cards are also arranged on the table. A spectator is asked to pick a number between one and six. With the number selected, the spectator reaches into the sack and pulls out a baseball. Written on the baseball is the name of the player on the previously selected card!

Bag is in full view at all times! Instantly repeatable with different results! Comes complete with ball, sack, cards, and labels. Easy to perform. No skill required! Play Ball!


Customer reviews for Play Ball trick

Bruce Yoskin

I do not like to give a negative review, but, I believe it's warranted in this case. The reveal of a signature on a baseball is not actually on the ball but on a white sticker that's stuck to the ball. I bought this specifically for a guest who will be attending a luncheon that I am working this weekend. He's a big baseball fan. I'm going to write the signature directly on the ball, which reduces the ability to change the signature and repeat the trick. Hopefully it will go over well.