Sudoku - The Ultimate Mental Workout

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Trick by Justin Monehen ($140.00)

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Sudoku - The Ultimate Mental Workout - magic


A spectator selects a random Sudoku puzzle and copies it onto a large blank grid so that everyone can see the puzzle. The magician studies the grid for a few seconds and then turns his back to the puzzle. The magician then begins to instantly call out numbers to the spectator and the entire Sudoku puzzle is completed 'blind' by the magician.

As an extra challenge, the spectator can even be instructed to lie and miswrite the puzzle on the grid at the beginning of the routine - not only will the magician be able to tell which digits are incorrect - but also what they should be!!!


The spectator genuinely has a free choice of any Sudoku puzzle and every puzzle can clearly be seen to be completely different.
The magician instantly calls out 'correct' answers to the puzzle. No 'fishing' or 'outs' required.

No mathematics or memory skill required to perform the trick. The secret is completely self-working leaving the magician fully focused on presentation.

Packs small and plays big! - A complete 10 minute stage routine with drama, suspense, intrigue, and what appears to be great skill, and all with this paperback book that fits in your pocket!

"Justin has cleverly combined the impossibility and suspense of the Knight's Tour with the drama of forming a Magic Square. He's wrapped that up in a modern presentation that taps into a recent craze and created a masterpiece of mental dexterity... this is great!"
- Marc Paul

Book Dimensions Approximately 6" x 9" (15cm x 23cm)
Pages 140

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